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It was never easy. We worked like there was no day or night.

Caerus Solutions is a dynamic technology service and solution provider in Singapore. As the provider of managed services over the years to our customers, Caerus empowers organisations with experienced IT professionals, using established processes and living technologies in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our services are designed to maximize organisational performance and compliant with regulatory and security guidelines. They range from traditional IT infrastructure, infrastructure-aware applications, converge communications,business rules management systems, business process outsourcing and business continuity management services. These are flexible solutions that are adaptable to our customers needs as their business grow or change. Managed services have been successfully depolyed in multiple sectors including logistic distribution, marine and legal. We believe we can assist you in any industries that you are standing in.

  • Virtualization
  • Backup management
  • helpdesk support
  • web design

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